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Buckets of Hope Inc.

Raising money for 13+ years to give HOPE to those going through challenging, life events. 



Who Are We

     Buckets of Hope began from a special friendship between co-workers working in different roles in healthcare and who seen the inspiration and genuine human-kindness that people need to make it through difficult times.

      In 2013, one of these friends, Sue Mara, unexpectedly passed away but, her kind and generous IMPACT on others remains alive and continues to grow. What started as a 5K Fun Run/Walk in Sue's honor, with all proceeds being donated to family, friends, and strangers struggling through healthcare related challenges or major life-changing events, has grown into a non-profit organization. Since 2013, Buckets of Hope Inc. has donated over $32,600 to those in need. 

      With your ongoing support we can continue to give HOPE in times of despair and sadness, in times when others need it the most.


About Us

Make A Difference

Sisters and Aunt of Sue Mara ALWAYS supporting Buckets of Hope Inc.

Raising Fund for supporting travel for healthcare treatments....

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